T-Mobile claims 300 million daily VoLTE call milestone

T-Mobile has launched an expanded HD voice solution called the Enhanced Voice Service, while it claims to be connecting 300 million VoLTE calls every day.

According to CTO Neville Ray, the EVS utilises a variety of calling options, from VoLTE to wifi calling and HD video calling. Writing on the corporate blog, Ray claims it is one of the most advanced calling solutions in the world, and couldn’t resist knocking recent critiques from the EFF about its claims over T-Mobile throttling video quality on its BingeOn service.

“EVS is a true next-gen voice technology that delivers some incredibly cool benefits to our customers and I’d bet that we’re the first in the nation, if not the world, to deploy it,” Ray said, without going so far as to outright claim a world first. “We never stop innovating and improving the network experience. In fact, we’re pushing network technology so fast that the carriers – and some companies that measure network performance – are years behind.”

T-Mobile claims EVS will improve voice call reliability, meaning less dropped calls; higher-fidelity calls to achieve more realistic voice audio; and broader coverage. Stemming from T-Mobile’s VoLTE coverage which launched in 2014, Ray claims the carrier now services 300 million VoLTE calls every day, which represents more than half the calls on the T-Mobile network. EVS is currently available on the LG G5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7, and T-Mobile says it plans on making it available on another five models by the end of the year.

In traditional T-Mobile fashion, the post ends with mandatory dig at industry competitors AT&T and Verizon.

“And the carriers? Today, they’re just beginning to work with VoLTE. And I assure you, they’ll deploy the technology like the tired old telecoms they are,” Ray said, somewhat vaguely.

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