Nokia and Hi3G combine to launch TD-LTE-A in Sweden

Kit vendor Nokia has announced the imminent deployment of TD-LTE-Advanced over the Hi3G Access (3 Sweden) network in Sweden.

The two companies are claiming this is a solution to the scarcity of traditional FDD bands as it uses 2600MHz band 38, which is currently under-used in Western Europe. No specific claims are being made regarding speed, other than to indicate this will enable a significant increase. The deployment, which will include Gothenburg, is expected to complete this quarter.

“We are working with Nokia to tap the potential of TD-LTE-A in order to deliver a truly memorable service experience to our subscribers,” said Jörgen Askeroth, CTO at 3 Sweden. “In doing so, we are proud to launch one of Western Europe’s first TD-LTE-A deployments on band 38.”

“We are extremely pleased to support 3 Sweden in its ambitious and far-reaching TD-LTE-A initiative that will delight its customers,” said Wolfgang Hackenberg, VP West Europe at Nokia.

Elsewhere Nokia and China Mobile have conducted a trial of Centralized RAN technology within a TD-LTE network at Beilun Stadium in Ningbo, China, which is designed to support the unique connectivity needs of big sporting events.

Apparently the 6,000 spectators experienced a 62% improvement in upload speeds versus regular TD-LTE tech, improved the power efficiency of their devices by a third and managed 12Mbps download speeds even at peak usage times.

“Nokia is China Mobile’s important strategic partner in TD-LTE,” said Wang Yong, Assistant to the General Manager at Ningbo Mobile (presumably a subsidiary of China Mobile). “With this successful trial, we have shown that centralized RAN technology can eliminate the 4G network strain typically caused at large events.”

“We are the first to demonstrate this technology on TD-LTE at an event attended by the customers of an operator in China, demonstrating how we can offer mobile operators new efficiencies as their networks continue to evolve to satisfy ever-growing data and quality demands,” said Yu Xiaohan, head of CBT CMCC at Nokia China.

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