Ericsson and NTT claim successful 5G network slicing trials

Ericsson and Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo have claimed the achievement of a key milestone in developing 5G-ready technologies.

In a proof of concept (PoC) trial, the Swedish vendor has said it has successfully demonstrated dynamic network slicing for 5G core networks. The trial, according to Ericsson, shows how to virtually partition a physical network into multiple logical networks which are capable of simultaneously co-existing and delivering separate services along the same infrastructure.

This maximizing of physical infrastructure resource is supposed to enable self-optimization and fulfil the specific latency, security or capacity requirements of 5G services, Ericsson says. DoCoMo designed the network slice creation and selection functions, while Ericsson contributed technologies to manage the lifecycle and delivery of services over the sliced network, using its commercial cloud products.

“Network slicing has the potential to simultaneously deliver diverse cutting-edge 5G services, for enhanced entertainment as well as further effective and secure communication,” said Hiroshima Nakamura, GM of R&D Strategy Department at NTT DoCoMo. “We expect the results of our PoC with Ericsson will play an important role in the realization of highly efficient and secure 5G networking technologies.”

The successful conclusion of the PoC draws to a close nearly two years of active research and trials in 5G network slicing technologies. Further technology exploration will continue, according to Ericsson’s VP of Technology, Business Unit Cloud and IP, Håkan Djuphammar.

“Our cooperation on 5G with DoCoMo confirms our companies’ long-term relationship and our joint commitment to 5G,” he said. “This PoC demonstrates the capability of 5G to support fast, efficient and flexible introduction of new services, and to enable differentiated characteristics like speed, latency and reliability.”

Ericsson will be demoing the network slicing technology at 5G World in London this June.

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