Deutsche Telekom brings wifi calling to Germany

German operator group Deutsche Telekom has rolled out wifi calling across its domestic network with the stated aim of plugging not-spots.

DT has gone for the catchy term ‘WLAN Call’ to serve this new service up to its subscribers and has announced the launch devices as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. This is being positioned as proper wifi calling – i.e. no VoIP-style app needed and dynamic handover to VoLTE calls if you leave wifi coverage.

The service is a free addon, which DT is marketing in much the same way as wifi calling services elsewhere – as a network improvement rather than a coverage sticking plaster. In particular DT is highlighting environments such as basements with thick walls places that would benefit from wifi calling. The functionality is preinstalled in compatible handsets, which will increase in number before long.

EE launched wifi calling in the UK over a year ago and other countries are gradually joining the party. Here’s a video showing how DT is explaining wifi calling to German consumers.

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