Tata enables MNOs to offer OTT services to travelling customers

Tata Communications has launched Wi-Fi+, a new wifi cloud communication solution which allows MNO customers OTT services through 21 million wifi hotspots globally.

The new offering leans on the increasingly popular use of internet calling and texting services, most notable amongst the younger generations, as well as tendencies for customers to minimize the use of their devices abroad in fear of a larger bill. The Tata team claims MNOs are now missing out on potential revenues as 53% of customers cut down on making calls while abroad, 43% on texting and 45% on data usage. The new offering could recoup the missing revenues as MNOs now have the option to offer use of the wifi hotspots as a value-add to customers who are travelling abroad.

“Wi-Fi+ marks the next step on our mission to enable truly seamless mobile communications on a global scale,” says Christian Michaud, SVP of Strategy, Product and Business Development at Tata Communications. “To date, the high cost of mobile data has put people off from using high-bandwidth applications such as video calling and music streaming services while on the move.

“And when travelling abroad, many users avoid making calls and texting too – resulting in lost revenues for MNOs. Our new solution tackles this issue head-on. It opens up new revenue streams for MNOs without CAPEX investment, and allows users to keep in touch through voice, messaging and video, or even stream music – without fear of bill shock, both at home and abroad.”

The new Tata offering will consist of 21 million hotspots, in 100 countries around the world to create a borderless wifi connection. Tata says the service only requires users to log in once, and devices are automatically connected to the strongest available connection.

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