INRIX and Citi Logik pair up for smart cities data analytics drive

Data analysis of real-time UK traffic could be at the core of future IoT smart cities if a partnership announced today delivers the benefits promised.

INRIX, a connected car data analytics specialist, and Citi Logik, a mobile network data analysis firm, have announced a partnership targeting the development of UK smart cities by combining anonymised mobile network data with real-time GPS data and advanced analytics.

The aim, according to INRIX, is to generate a vast amount of insight on live traffic and pedestrian movements as well as habit analysis and population density. With such insight, INRIX says transport agencies, local government, city planners and local enterprises will stand to benefit from the potential of working in a smarter city.

INRIX Chief Revenue Officer Rafay Khan says the necessity for this sort of insight will perpetuate further as urban areas continue densify over the next decade.

“Many existing city infrastructures are under strain, designed at times when populations were far smaller. The problem is only intensifying. By 2030, there will be 8.5 billion people in the world with over 60 percent living in urban areas,” he said. “Our work with Citi Logik will help transport agencies and local govenments in the UK to find new ways of extending and re-engineering cities to cope with a fast growing population and the challenges faced from urbanisation.”

“Working with INRIX will provide a step change in capability and a one stop shop for movement analytics in the UK,” said Stephen Leece, MD of Citi Logik.

Such information is integral to the future success of connected or self-driving cars, it would appear, as INRIX claims accurate population movement insights are keys for the future transport infrastructure relying on machine-based communications. Combining insights from billions of network data points with GPS data, it says, will help predict future user behaviour and deliver greater revenue opportunities.

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