As Softbank and ARM become one, the two CEOs set out their vision

The acquisition of UK chip designer ARM by Japanese operator Softbank completed today so Masayoshi Son and Simon Segars decided to blog about it.

The jointly bylined article was entitled Leading the Information Revolution to the Next Paradigm Shift and had clearly been through a number of legal and corporate comms filters before it was deemed safe to inflict on the outside world. The aim of it seems to have been as much to assure the world that ARM is in safe hands as to publicly strategize in that way companies love to do.

“We feel that it is appropriate to explain why the two companies share a far more exciting future together,” they wrote, before talking about all the great stuff the respective companies get up to on a daily basis.

“We believe that technology should advance for the benefit of humanity,” they went on. “Put another way, we believe that by harnessing the true potential of what SoftBank calls the Information Revolution, we can contribute to people’s happiness and joy, and to the future of the world.”

This will take the form of IoT, which Son and Segars see as an all-encompassing enabler of cleverness and convenience. The SoftBank Group has been at the forefront of technology shifts – from PC software distribution to the PC Internet to the Mobile Internet – and ARM is core to what we see as the next paradigm shift in the Information Revolution: IoT,” they said. “As an essential part of the SoftBank Group, ARM will be able to move faster in creating new technologies, infrastructure, products and services designed specifically for a smarter and more connected world.”

The rest of the piece was a reassurance to existing ARM customers and partners that it will be business as usual. Whether it is advanced robotics, 5G networks, green data centers, supercomputers or intelligent connected devices, we can and will help to enable positive change,” they concluded. “It is now our collective vision to realize an Information Revolution that brings happiness to everyone.”

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