5G partnership of the day: Samsung and TMUS excite each other

It’s easy to forget there’s other stuff going on in the world today, considering the leg-shaking Applegasm that’s overtaken the internet, but life goes on.

The latest in our 5G Partnership of the Day series, features Apple’s bitter, bitter rival Samsung partnering up with professional sh*t-stirring uncarrier T-Mobile US.

The partnership itself focuses on the same things as all other 5G partnerships. In short, there will be tests in the lab, and then more tests in the field, lots of proof of concept tests, in-depth trials and some more tests involving beamforming, millimetre wave and frickin sharks with frickin laserbeams attached to their frickin heads.

Samsung used words like “collaboration”, “innovation”, “leading” and an obligatory reference to IoT to make sure we all realise how important this is. Of course, coverage, speed and latency were all referenced as the main goals, but after the industry as a whole has repeatedly reinforced this rhetoric, it’s impossible to imagine anyone daring to say anything else when distributing another piece of marketing hype.

Somehow, T-Mobile managed to keep it in its pants and deliver, for once, a relatively straight-down-the-line statement. Actually, it was pretty generic, and Samsung probably wrote it for them, but here it is anyway.

“We are excited to work with Samsung to see how we can bring to life key attributes of emerging 5G technology, including extreme speed, low latency and massive connectivity,” said Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer, T-Mobile. “Our collaboration with Samsung’s networks technology will enable us to enhance 5G development and availability.”

We told you. That’s definitely something we’ve definitely not ever heard from any other 5G partnership announcement. We await the next 5G partnership announcement with baited breath.

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