7 reasons the Note 7 knocked 7% off Samsung shares

Samsung’s Note 7 nightmare shows no sign of ending, but it seems to be doing a great job of mimicking the function of other objects.

After the phablet gizmo started melting down, Samsung officially begun a recall and allegedly hired a third party battery provider since its own ventures hardly set the world alight. Hoho!

Samsung Mobile president DJ Koh told its loyal fan-base to literally drop it like it’s hot and immediately power down the Note 7.  This following Samsung’s first announcement a week ago for users to stop using the phone. Now they really mean it. STOP USING THE PHONE!

Not only is the Note 7 being put down en masse, latest figures say Samsung Electronics’ share price has gone down the toilet too, down 7% at the close of play today. Lots of sevens. But here are seven things the Note 7 is doing a great job of doubling up as, just to help raise some spirits.

1) The Properly Incendiary Note 7

2) The Politically Incorrect Note 7

3) The Flight Risk Note 7

4) The Note 7 That Secretly has a Jellyfish Inside

5) The Note 7 Grenade

6) The Note 7’s Most Desired Accessory

7) And lastly, The Hideously Ironic Note 7 That Works Underwater

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