Apple’s iPhone 7 pre-order tantrum, John Legere is still annoying

The iPhone 7 is so popular Apple doesn’t need to justify it to anyone anymore, apparently.

Enough has been said about the fruity device-maker’s latest serving, both positive and negative, but now Apple has said it won’t be disclosing pre-order numbers, probably because they’re so earth-shatteringly record-breaking our feeble little human minds couldn’t possibly comprehend so many zeros.

Apple told CNET “we are now at a point where we know before taking the first customer preorder that we will sell out of iPhone 7”, which would also be the case if they had only made four, so they should probably just make some more. It also smacks of a “how dare you question us!?” response, but it wouldn’t be the first time the charge of having an attitude problem has been levied at it.

An Apple spokesperson said initial sales will be governed by the capability of its supply chain to fulfil orders, not the demand from its customers, so it won’t be releasing numbers for its investors and customers anymore.

Instead, the ever-reliable John Legere of T-Mo US has been our saviour for Apple titbits, who’d of thunk it? The irrepressibly attention-seeking CEO took to Periscope, the live selfie-streaming narcissism-enabling social-media platform, to proclaim the iPhone 7 victor over the ancestral iPhone 6 for pre-orders.

Predictably, the news was broken with an inevitable level of self-interest and look-how-great-we-are about it. Judge for yourself. 


If it’s a straight choice between not knowing how well Apple’s presale is doing, or having John Legere being the one to gleefully break the news in the usual manner, there’s probably a fair percentage of people who’ll choose ignorance.

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