iPhone flown by Vodafone drone

In what sounds like an extract from Dr Seuss’s “The Cat in the Hat”, the new iPhone has been flown by drone for Vodafone. It was in New Zealand, but we couldn’t make that rhyme.

A tailor made drone left Vodafone’s place, with the brand new iPhone secured to its base. It flew round the Viaduct to the Hilton Hotel, kept safe all the while in its sturdy, red shell.

The first person to pre-order was the lucky winner, with a shiny new iPhone arriving in time for dinner.

“It’s so crazy to be one of the first people to actually have the iPhone 7 in my hands,” said winner Irene Hu. She said it was really cool to see the drone too.

“We love it when our customers get excited about new technology,” said Vodafone’s Matt William’s using marketing terminology.

You know what, this rhyming thing is getting quite boring. It’s starting to feel like simple points scoring. That’s basically the story, Vodafone NZ delivered the new iPhone by drone on the day it launched globally. Cool huh? It’s a new concept the telco’s exploring.

Meanwhile, keener punters still queued outside the Covent Garden Apple Store for the official sales launch of iPhone 7, but perhaps not in quite the same force as in previous years. Probably on account of the biblical quantities of rain hammering the streets of London.

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