Surely Verizon won’t buy Twitter too

A little bird told us Twitter has been on the receiving end of several bids from some of the worlds’ largest tech companies, including the increasingly acquisitive Verizon.

While these rumours started as industry whispers, the story was initially reported by CNBC, and has since been backed-up by independent claims from other media titles, including TechCrunch. So far, other names in the mix include Salesforce, Google, Microsoft.

Verizon may catch a couple of people off-guard considering the Yahoo data breach announcement, but it wouldn’t be completely out of character. The US telco has been on a mission to create a media empire over recent years and currently boasts a number of prominent assets such as The Huffington Post and Engadget. Some may question whether Verizon has the appetite for another acquisition considering the potential for a foul tasting Yahoo, though considering TechCrunch (a Verizon asset) is one of the few organizations to name the telco in the rumours, is does add credibility to the claim.

Microsoft is another interesting idea considering its recent $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn. The LinkedIn acquisition could be a play for Microsoft to move into the ranks of the Mega-Vendor, penetrating every aspect of enterprise IT, but bringing Twitter into its ranks could offer the team an opportunity for the team to usurp Facebook as the King of Social Media.

Despite the rumours, is not going to hold its breath for the moment. This is not the first time Twitter has been rumoured to be the subject of an acquisition, and the validity of the claims will be tested over the coming days. Twitter’s board of directors is said to be seeing dollar signs which could help speed up any potential acquisition, though let’s see how these rumours play out first.

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