Google supersizes Project Fi with group plan

Google has taken another step this week with the expansion of its Fi proposition with the inclusion of a group plan, as part of its plans for world domination.

Whether its Google’s expansion in India, Facebook’s declaration of war against Amazon or Uber’s mission to relegate the Black Cab to the London Transport Museum, the ‘new’ generation of technology companies are making their presence felt throughout the world. While it may feel unusual to call Google new, let’s not forget its only 18.

If it was a proper lad it would probably be sat in the corner of a Weatherspoon’s, chugging down a pitcher of Blue Lagoon, while lighting a Sambuca chaser, adjusting its Snapback and throwing a couple of pound-coins in the closest fruity, but instead its launching a group plan for its MVNO.

Google Fi, the company’s MVNO, has the potential to shake up the market. The team has written a clever algorithm which automatically connects the user to the best available signal, whether that’s Wifi or one of three 4G LTE partner networks. The user only pays for the data used and get credited for the remainder at the end of the month. The cost also remains the same irrelevant as to where you are in the world.

The team has now gone another step towards disruption introducing a group plan. Users can now have up to six people on one plan, for $15 per month each. It’s only a $5 discount from the base account, however like the rest of Google Fi, it’s simple (see how the bill is broken down below). Google Fi also seems to be chasing a new market as well.

Google Fi billing

While most other providers in the group-plan segment are focused on families, Google Fi clearly notes that you can add “friends from college or your family”. Although families are the most straight-forward market segment to chase, there is huge number of broke-college students, who are connectivity crazed, data starved and internet driven, who would most likely appreciate simplicity and the opportunity for a refund occasionally. It’ll be a tough market to crack, but potentially a lucrative one.

Alongside the launch of the deal, Google is also offering $100 off the Nexus 6P, and $150 off the Nexus 5X, when bought and activated through Project Fi. This is another feature which would appeal to both families and cash-strapped millennials driven by the desire to have the latest technology.

Google is one of those companies which will never be happy sat still. Most organizations would say this, but very few can match the aggressive ambition of the internet giant. Despite still being only a teenager, Google has demonstrated the desire to dominate markets. When it wants to be number one in a market, the team certainly throw engineers, time and money at the ambition.

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