InterDigital hails ground-breaking 5G study

Clever mobile technology company InterDigital has applauded the findings of a major new 5G survey that reveals 5G is expected to arrive well before 2020.

Industry consensus for years has been that 2020 is the big year for 5G but this seems to be as much from a desire to allow clever headlines like ‘2020 Vision’ as anything else. As we are reminded of on a daily basis 5G will be comprised of an infinitesimal number of incremental steps, rather than one big launch day, but industry consensus is increasingly moving towards an expectation that early 5G will be with us before 2020.

A massive 86% of industry professionals surveyed for this epoch-defining report reckoned the initial roll-out of 5G to have happened by 202 at the latest, with 51% expecting it to happen by 2019. This is nowhere near as helpful for headline writing but what can you do?

Other big headline stats extracted by InterDigital from this cornucopia of industry insight was that 82% of respondents identified either consumer or enterprise/industrial IoT as the primary use cases for 5G, and that a mere 12% of respondents reckon download speed will be the most significant feature of 5G radio.

“Increasingly, IoT and 5G are becoming inextricably linked as concepts, largely due to the due to the plethora of identifiable IoT use-cases that will require 5G’s coverage and ability to manage an exponential increase in connected devices,” said Robert DiFazio, Vice President, InterDigital Labs – Future Wireless, InterDigital.  “That being said, it will be interesting to see whether unexpected and high-value use cases will emerge to drive 5G, the way video-enabled social networking and the sharing economy did for LTE.”

Luckily for readers the whole of this exemplary survey is available to download for free on the site because it was conducted by Intelligence! For all your Road to 5G Outlook needs, simply click here.

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