I’ve got a massive 5G for StarHub – Nokia

Nokia has claimed it can deliver mobile broadband with an ultra-high speed of 4.3 Gbps and latency of just 1 millisecond, following a ‘live’ demonstration with StarHub in Singapore.

While the industry should now be used to peacocking and posturing in the build up to 5G, Nokia has continued the trend. Like a freshman during his first week at university claiming to have the biggest thing you’ve ever seen in your life, it’s talk right now; the industry is still some time away from finding out who has the biggest and best… 5G.

The trial is part of StarHub’s ongoing efforts to ‘future-proof’ its network for customers to allow for virtual reality, augmented reality and e-health applications, and uses Nokia’s AirScale platform to demonstrate the effectiveness of 5G cmWave frequencies. StarHub is hoping the new proposition will allow the simultaneous running of multiple network technologies, such as 3G, 4G and 5G, across different spectrum bands using the same radio module.

“This demo reiterates our leadership position in the 5G ecosystem,” Nicolas Bouverot, Head of Asia South at Nokia. “Nokia AirScale allows service providers to lay the foundation for the programmable world of the future. It enables service providers to roll out best-in-class services and differentiate without significantly increasing their expenditure. We look forward to partnering StarHub on their journey to 5G,” which when translated actually means ‘mines at least a foot long’.

Aside from allowing customers to download files in substantially shorter periods of time, ultra-low lag characteristics will better enable the industry to tackle challenges in the M2M world, such as autonomous vehicles and robotic surgery. In these circumstances, buffering and latency could be disastrous, stamping down the importance of nailing 5G the first time around.

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