Google tries to cash in on US Election Day hype

Google has had one last go at capitalizing on US election euphoria by offering (near) real-time updates on the progress of the odious Trump vs Clinton contest.

The company will now display the results of the election directly in search in over 30 languages, as soon as the polls close, as well as YouTube live streaming election results coverage from several news rooms including NBC, PBS, MTV, Bloomberg, Telemundo and The Young Turks.

“For the past several months, Google has helped people find information about the democratic process: our search results have helped voters register and explained the voting process with information on how to vote, who’s on their ballot, and how to find their local polling place in both English and Spanish,” the company said on its official blog.

Although presidential elections attract groupie levels of attention from voters around the states, this one in particular has engaged more than most, perhaps down to the confrontational manner of the candidates. This has been reflected through search results on Google and the content watched on YouTube.

“Over the past few week’s viewers spent over 20 million hours watching – and re-watching – the presidential debate live streams on YouTube,” the company’s blog states.

While this is a very impressive number, there must be a few execs who are secretly hoping Trump finally loses his cool, vaults across the podium in a maddened frenzy, blonde hair flying every direction and b*tch slaps Clinton with a degree from Trump University, while repeatedly shouting ‘don’t use Gmail, don’t use Gmail’. You could almost guarantee this would break some YouTube records.



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