Microsoft’s VR vision brought into focus by Oculus

There’s an absolute bucket load of excitement around VR this time around, and literally everyone is terrified of missing the boat. To remedy that, Microsoft has tied up with Oculus to deliver VR streaming of Xbox games via Windows 10, just in time for Christmas.

2016 has been full of everyone bundling onto the VR bandwagon: HTC launched its terrifyingly-excellent Vive, Playstation VR arrived this quarter, Nokia pushed out its souped-up 360 degree OZO camera, Samsung proudly launched its own special 360 cam (and gave everyone at its MWC launch party a Galaxy Gear headset), and pretty much everyone else lost their sh*t.

It’s no longer a gimmick, and no longer should it be banded with the thankfully forgotten era of 3D TV…

Despite a few minor question marks existing today over how we’ll end up fully draining revenue out of VR, at this stage it looks like remaining hesitations are exactly that: minor.

Last year Xbox announced it was partnering with the Facebook’s VR vision Oculus, so that gamers can stream Xbox One video games onto the Oculus Rift via Windows 10. What a lovely way of tying customers into the entire Microsoft suite.

Anyway, that partnership now means that Xbox has a VR proposition which is due to launch just in time for Christmas; and makes sure that Sony doesn’t have all the virtual fun over this festive period.

When announcing the impending launch of Xbox One Streaming, Microsoft used lots of words like ‘evolution’ to show just how awesome everything will be when you embrace the full ecosystem of Xbox products.

“At Xbox, we’re continuously exploring new ways for you to get the most out of your gaming experiences by providing the choice to play how you want, where you want and with whomever you want,” it said, so very altruistically.

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