Three decides one way to have a moan isn’t enough

Seemingly not content with the noise been made by the ‘Fix Britain’s Internet’ campaign, Three has stepped up its whining this Christmas with a new crusade known as ‘MakeTheAirFair’.

The MakeTheAirFair cause will aim to ensure more choice and better quality in the mobile sector and curb BT’s dominance by applying pressure on Ofcom to make sure no one mobile network can own more than 30% of the spectrum. The new club brings together Three UK, TalkTalk, CityFibre, Federation of Communication Services, Gamma and Relish.

“The UK mobile market is broken at a critical time when it should be leading and not lagging almost all other developed countries,” said Dave Dyson, CEO at Three UK. “Ofcom must prove it is on the side of consumers and apply a 30% cap on total spectrum ownership following next year’s auction.

“Spectrum is a national asset that should benefit every citizen. If it’s all controlled by one or two massive businesses, then you can’t have effective competition and everyone loses out. This is the moment for the British public to stand up and fight for real choice and better mobile services.”

The new campaign comes at a good time for the Three team who are likely to be in the market for good news considering its data leak in recent weeks. The hack saw the data of 133,827 customers exposed, but no bank details, passwords, pin numbers, payment information or credit/debit card information are stored on the system in question.

Maybe taking on the expense and effort of fighting the battle of a fairer world for the consumer is a way it can make up for the oversight. After all, the Three team are only thinking of the consumer in its tireless and selfless campaign against the evil BT.

Aside from Three, serial whingers CityFibre also got in on the act.

“We are at a critical point in determining the future of the UK mobile market,” said Mark Collins, Director of Strategy and Public Affairs at CityFibre. “With growing investment in the next generation of mobile network infrastructure, the time is right to protect the viability of that competitive market.

“As a challenger in our market, CityFibre is wholly aligned to the change this campaign seeks to achieve. The regulator must ensure that the upcoming auction is designed to improve services for all.”

CityFibre and Three should count themselves lucky with BT’s G.Fast plans however…

Over in Denmark, telco TDC Group and Nokia have announced plans to upgrade the Danish operator’s broadband network to deliver ultra-broadband speeds, new service bundles and a renewed customer experience, using VDSL2 35b Vplus technology, building further on its existing VDSL2 vectoring network. It all sound very glamourous but it is a halfway point between VDSL and G.Fast. Although Three and co. complain about BT’s G.Fast situation, at least they aren’t dealing with Vplus.

Perhaps this was an intentional move from the Danes. Maybe they don’t need ultra-fast speeds as they have their message out there loud and clear already; Calsberg is rubbish, Peter Schmeichel’s bacon is lush and they have f*cking massive dogs.

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