Research confirms UK mobile brands are rubbish at engagement

Research from Affinion and Oxford Brookes University has revealed something that we all pretty much knew; UK mobile operators are pretty rubbish at customer engagement.

The UK finished roughly mid-table when compared around the world with Turkish, Brazilian and American consumers reporting the highest level of the engagement with the Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Germany finishing below us Brits. The news isn’t something which will shock many people, but at least we’re politer than those in the Nordics, which is somewhat surprising. Every time your correspondent has been to that part of the world the people were generally quite charming.

“The fact that mobile phone providers received the lowest customer engagement scores indicates that there are challenges for telcos when it comes to engaging with customers,” said Karen Wheeler, UK Country Manager of Affinion. “Given the integral importance of mobile phones for customers there is huge potential for providers to build better engagement and loyalty with their customer base.

“Our study also proves that customers who buy additional products or services and interact more frequently via multiple channels are more engaged. But taking that further and offering products or services that add value to their daily lives is what will really help a company to build meaningful relationships with its customers.”

The research also shed some light on the most attractive customer from an engagement and loyalty perspective. It turns out the perfect customer is male (a little bit unusual), a millennial (aged between 25 and 34) and single.

Now if we were to rank the editorial team, Editorial Director Scott Bicheno comes last, Head of Intelligence Tim Skinner comes second, and (would you believe it) Deputy Editor Jamie Davies comes in first place. Few people will be surprised by these results and I’d like to thank all the people who helped me on my journey to this prestigious honour.

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