EE best for Westfield shopping and googling – RootMetrics

With the Christmas period fast approaching, RootMetrics decided to research the best performing mobile operators in London shopping centres and train stations.

The Christmas shopping period can be a stressful period and last minute shopping is not uncommon (your correspondent hasn’t finished his shopping at time of writing), though a functional smartphone can ease the tensions. Whether checking the suitability of a gift or price comparisons to other local shops, it’s an important weapon in the armoury. That said, looking down at lack of connectivity could ruin the day of even the sturdiest shoppers.

“Christmas shopping and travel have the potential to be stressful experiences, getting in the way of our enjoyment of the festive season,” said Scott Stonham, General Manager of Europe at RootMetrics. “And with our mobiles vital for most parts of our lives – whether checking last minute gift details or keeping families up to date with travel times – consumers can’t afford to be without a reliable connection. Our scientific testing methodology helps mobile users find out the service they can expect in advance and ensure they can stay in touch at the crucial moment.”

In the two Westfield shopping centres, EE had the strongest performance, leading the way for both locations, though it was a tied lead with Vodafone in White City (even though Vodafone scored higher).

At the train stations, EE was the best performer in Waterloo and King’s Cross Station, with downloads speeds at 8 Mbps and upload speeds at 14.4 Mbps. Uploading a picture at King’s Cross on EE would typically take less than three seconds, though on the other hand RootMetrics state it would take up to 81 seconds on O2. While O2’s performance was slightly suspect in King’s Cross, it did lead the way at Paddington, while Three took the lead at Victoria, and Vodafone taking the lead in Charing Cross.

So, depending on who your operator is, you could have delightful trip to the shops or an absolute horror show.

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