Ericsson and China Mobile join hands over ‘fruitifications’ and ‘evolvement’

Ericsson and China Mobile signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to accelerate the development of Cloud RAN and apparently celebrated the event long and hard.

With the continued rollout of 4G and the advancement of 5G, cloud RAN is perceived by some in the industry as a technology which can the network evolution from 4G towards 5G. The partnership itself will focus on a number of different areas including standardizing the current understanding and use-cases surrounding cloud RAN, developing an ecosystem, NFV based cloud RAN and future 5G use cases for the technology.

In an era of generic, vacuous canned quotes Ericsson seems to have decided the use of barely intelligible gibberish might be a good way to differentiate its press releases. It certainly caught our attention.

“I am glad that Ericsson, as strategic partner of China Mobile, join hands with China Mobile on various 5G cooperation,” gibbered Chris Houghton, Head of Region North East Asia at Ericsson. “More technique fruitifications we believe will be achieved through close cooperation. Ericsson aim to collaborate with China Mobile to drive 5G evolvement to reach the full potential of Networked Society.”

That’s easy for you to say Chris.

The partnership itself will initially last for a two-year period, and adds to an already bursting portfolio of partnerships throughout the world. Ericsson claims it already has 27 operator MoUs, partnerships with 12 vendors as well as 20 research institutes and universities. Huawei may be defecating on the networking old-timers from a revenues perspective, but at least Ericsson is holding its own when it comes to developing partnerships.

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