Nokia taps the power of acronyms with new, improved IMPACT IoT platform

Strategy, technology and marketing are all well and good but if you want to win in business what you really need is a world-class acronym.

This indisputable pillar of commercial dogma is one that Nokia is acutely aware of, which is why it named its IoT platform IMPACT, which stands for Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things. It’s unclear whether the acronym was reverse-engineered or just a happy coincidence but what is beyond doubt is that it’s a game-changer.

“In addition to delivering industry-leading device management, security and analytics capabilities, IMPACT uniquely provides a single, horizontal platform allowing customers to manage and analyze data across multiple IoT applications,” said Frank Ploumen, CTO of IoT platform and applications at Nokia.

“This makes each application richer and the insights more valuable. Our focus is on enabling customers to more easily build and deploy new, high-value services and business models while keeping data secure and optimizing the network infrastructure efficiency.”

The tone of the announcement is of a product launch, but IMPACT actually had a decidedly low-impact launch back in June 2016, so this is more of an update, doubling as a re-boot. Here are the tweaks:

  • NB-IoT and LoRa support – which you would have thought would be table-stakes
  • Video Analytics – real-time video feed anomaly detection
  • Smart Parking Application – to help local councils rip off driver even more efficiently
  • Smart Lighting Application – to help local councils keep the lights on
  • Vehicle Applications – general connected car cleverness

IMPACT offers a bunch of other stuff too, but much of it is also table-stakes for any self-respecting IoT platform, such as security, scalability and a variety of opportunities to use the term ‘end-to-end’. New, improved IMPACT will be available through leading IoT retailers from Q2.

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