Nokia reckons Cloud Packet Core is the answer to all your NFV, 5G and IoT needs

The pre-MWC announcement stampede formally started with Nokia claiming cloud leadership and for some reason putting a hashtag in its headline.

Cloud Packet Core is Nokia’s signature product portfolio for helping CSPs migrate their infrastructure into the world of virtualization, IoT and any other buzzword they might be anxious about missing out on. The most recent claim is that it ‘now supports the industry’s widest array of access technologies.’

Much of the announcement reads like a montage of virtualization marketing clichés, with frequent use of familiar terms like ‘agile’ ‘scalable’, network slicing’ and ‘cloud-native’. Furthermore all this cloudy goodness inevitably makes it easier to exploit the other two signature buzzwords of the current telecoms era: IoT and 5G.

“Broadband evolution to 5G and IoT/MTC will place a diverse set of service characteristics and requirements on the network,” said Sri Reddy, head of the IP Routing and Packet Core Business Unit at Nokia. “These services will need to be concurrently delivered across the widest range of fixed and wireless technologies to provide a seamless service experience and support extensive personalization.

“The Nokia Cloud Packet Core provides the converged anchor point to make this possible. With its cloud-native architecture, it has the flexibility, performance, scalability, reliability and improved operations for organizations to embrace and profit from mobile broadband, IoT/MTC and coming-5G opportunities.”

For more telecoms buzzword bingo see the video below. Nokia is so keen for this news to be associated with Mobile World Congress 2017, even though the event is still three weeks away, that it added the hashtag ‘#MWC17’ to the headline of its announcement. It’s not clear what this is expected to achieve and we can presumably expect headlines like ’17 things you didn’t know about Cloud Packet Core – number 7 left me stunned’ in future.


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