SK & CAT Thai up 4 IoT

Following a buoyant quarterly earnings call, SK Telecom has produced some more good news after signing a contract with CAT Telecom for the deployment of IoT networks in Thailand.

As part of the agreement, SK Telecom and CAT will deploy LoRa-based IoT networks in central areas of Bangkok, as well as the entire Phuket region, to provide citizens and tourists with various IoT services from April 2017. The deal follows the news SK Telecom has broken a streak of declining quarterly results.

Revenues for the final quarter of 2016 demonstrated a 0.4% boost in comparison to the same period in 2015. While the increase is not going to change the world, it is the first time the company has been in the positive for revenues growth for four quarters, led by growth of LTE subscribers and mobile data usage per user. The team now plan to continue this positive movement by capitalizing on the buzz surrounding areas such as media, IoT, AI and commerce.

The deal in Thailand will initially focus on the Phuket region, which has been prioritized as the Thai Government’s focus as its Phuket as its first smart city project. Here, SK Telecom and CAT Telecom will first launch LoRa-based vehicle location tracking service, and roll out more IoT services including smart metering and smart street lighting services over the coming months.

In Bangkok, the new network will be used by tourists to help keep track of family members during what is expected to be a busy couple of months near the Grand Palace, as large number of mourners are expected to pay their respects to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

“Through collaboration with SK Telecom, a global leading player in the field of IoT, CAT Telecom will be able to successfully carry out the government project,” said Sanpachai Huvanandana, CEO of CAT Telecom. “CAT Telecom will work with SK Telecom to deliver the first IoT service in Thailand so as to realize a true Smart Life.”

“SK Telecom will contribute to the growth of the ICT industry in Thailand by working together with CAT Telecom in the area of IoT, while nurturing a new ICT ecosystem by cooperating with many related companies,” said Cha In-hyok, who leads the IoT business unit at SK Telecom. “Going forward, SK Telecom will collaborate with CAT Telecom in more areas to create more success stories in Thailand and other Southeast Asian markets.”


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