AT&T US-Mexico LTE-M network flouts border tensions

AT&T has announced its plans to launch a LTE-M network for IoT across the US in Q2 and Mexico towards the end of the year.

The team has stated the move follows a successful pilot of LTE-M Low-Power Wide-Area network at AT&T Labs in San Ramon, California, and will support nearly 400 million people across the two countries.

How this move will be received by the White House is not known at the moment, but you can just imagine the grammatically incorrect tweet which will be produced from Trump’s tiny hands will be; ‘they stole our jobs and now they’re stealing our internet!!’

“Thanks to the success of our pilot, we’re on track to support LTE-M devices across our commercial network in the U.S. and Mexico ahead of schedule,” said Chris Penrose, President of IoT Solutions, AT&T. “We’re seeing real momentum for LTE-M that will let us connect more end points than ever before. And we can do it at a lower cost with superior performance and carrier-grade security.”

Although there have been a lot of IoT announcement in the last couple of months, AT&T seems to be making solid progress outside of the lab as well. The team has launched a number of trials with customers throughout the US testing smart water meters with Capstone Metering for example, or smart beverage fountains with PepsiCo and even connected vehicles and fleet & asset management with CalAmp.

AT&T is certainly not alone in its rollout of LTE-M, as Orange in France and SoftBank in Japan has also launched similar initiatives. AT&T launched its first commercial trial of LTE-M last October in San Ramon, California, and has since opened another in Columbus, Ohio.

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