If you think security is an issue now, just wait until IoT arrives


New research from Spiceworks has crowned Google as the leader in developing innovative IoT technology, however security is still the unanswered concern of the industry.

Google topped the list in terms of innovation on a list of tech giants which included the likes of Intel, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft and Cisco, though it may not come as a surprise to learn that security is still a top concern. 90% of IT pros believe IoT introduces security and privacy issues in the workplace that need to be addressed.

IoT presents a huge opportunity for numerous organizations to connect and sell to customers in a wider number of scenarios, but for every device out in the world, there is an extra gateway to defend. If the size of security breaches is shocking people today, imagine the horror when IoT becomes a mainstream and credible proposition; the frequency of security breaches may get substantially higher.

Despite security being one of the key marketing messages of many vendors throughout the world, the reality is the approach has changed very little, but the equation has become much more complex. 84% are concerned with the growing number of entry points into the network, but 70% are also concerned IoT manufacturers aren’t putting proper security measures in place.

One of the main problems for IoT is the approach to security. As security would not be considered a ‘sexy’ selling point, or revenue driving feature of a new product, development time is focused on other areas which may make a more definite impact on the bottom line. This is the approach today, and despite what many are saying, security is an add-on, something which is addressed at the end of the process.

Until security is built into products, as opposed to being built onto a finished idea, the industry will always be playing catch-up.

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