EE uses coverage promise as an excuse to go skiing

UK MNO EE has announced the activation of a 4G site in the Scottish Highlands that just happens to feature the Glencoe Mountain Resort and Ski Centre.

The pretext for this late-winter jolly is to illustrate how EE is going above and beyond the call of duty in its bid to bring lovely mobile data to even the most remote, inhospitable parts of the country. Even howling blizzards and marauding clansmen weren’t enough to divert the plucky engineers from their mission.

“We want to provide a 4G connection wherever people go,” declared EE CEO Marc Allera, taking time away from a spot of well-earned apres ski. “We’ve got to 3,000 feet, and we’ll go higher and further to keep people connected. Helping our customers share great moments, and helping the Mountain Ski Centre teams keep those customers safe, is exactly what our network is all about.”

It’s not clear which, if any, of the blokes skeeing (see what we did there?) above is Allera but the one in the foreground seems to be wearing EE colours.

If you don’t believe this was anything more than a thinly-disguised skive then check out this Facebook Live video, shot from the top of a mountain and apparently made possible by the new EE 4G goodness. In other news EE has pledged to improve connectivity in Las Vegas, Tahiti and Disney World as a high priority. Not really.

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  1. Avatar Stephen Speirs 10/03/2017 @ 4:04 pm

    Love it 🙂 Who needs an excuse?!
    For me personally, EE are enabling a whole new level to “working at home”. Fantastic and this is just the type of work life balance that we need.

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