O2 UK finally joins the VoLTE and wifi calling club

Years after many of its competitors had already done so, O2 UK has finally switched on VoLTE (naming it 4G calling) and wifi calling.

The accompanying propaganda is pretty standard: VoLTE provides clearer calls and better indoor coverage, while wifi calling provides an alternative source of connectivity in cellular not-spots. Initially, however, both services will only work on eligible iPhone 7 phones, with other devices following in due course.

This is, at least, proper wifi calling, as opposed to the TU Go RCS app that has been around for a few years. “Although our free TU Go app offers O2 customers the ability to make calls over wifi, Wifi Calling means no app is needed – just dial a number as normal,” said the O2 announcement.

“4G Calling means customers can make high-definition calls over the O2 4G network,” it continued. “This can bring benefits like better quality voice calls, a faster call set-up, better indoor coverage and longer battery life. It also means customers can make a 4G call and get online using 4G at the same time.”

Three and EE began their VoLTE roll-outs back in 2015, so it’s not obvious what took O2 so long, especially as parent company Telefónica has been busy with VoLTE elsewhere. Having said that Vodafone has been pretty quiet on the VoLTE front and it’s probably no coincidence that the two companies have a network sharing deal.

Here’s a vid to help you get your head around it all.


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