China Telecom connects Asia and Europe

China Telecom Global has announced the launch of 100G service capability via a terrestrial cable system, to allow for big-bandwidth connectivity between Asia and Europe.

The announcement follows the launch of the Super TSR (Transit Silk Road), an ultra-low latency terrestrial route via the China-Kazakhstan Gateway, is strengthened by cross-border transmission systems via the China-Russia, China-Mongolia-Russia and China-Kazakhstan-Russia routes. China Telecom claims it is the first 100G bandwidth option available in the market via Asia and Europe.

“The readiness of the 100G service via our terrestrial cable system from Asia to Europe and the launch of Super TSR are both pioneering achievements in the market,” said Steven Tan, VP of China Telecom Global Carrier Business.

“China Telecom has devoted tremendous efforts in the diversification of Asia-Europe terrestrial cable routes, so as to improve the information exchange efficiency from Asia to Europe, and to fulfil customer expectations for alternative backup routes to regular submarine cable solutions.”

Both announcements back up China Telecom’s aim to support China’s Belt and Road initiative to enhance the free-flow of trade between the European and Asian markets.

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