Things Mobile launches IoT connectivity middle-man service

Things Mobile has launched its offering onto the market, claiming to be “the global mobile operator specialized in the Internet of Things”.

The company certainly isn’t shy about talking itself up. “A pure stroke of genius” is one phrase which can be plucked from the press release sent to us, as there is a slight tone of ‘Del Boy’ surrounding the brand. Once you cut through all the self-praise and ignore all the flamboyant language, Things Mobile is essentially a middle-man.

The business model is built on the idea that managing connectivity for IoT devices in multiple markets can be a complicated task. Dealing with various different connectivity providers could in fact be very time consuming, but Things Mobile wants to manage all the relationships; you just plug in the SIM and don’t worry about it. It’s an outsourcing model which will rely on scale to negotiate better rates for the barrow boys to make some cash.

“Things Mobile was created with a crucial goal in mind: upgrading the technology of objects connected to the Internet making it more user-friendly, faster and more convenient,” said Manuel Zanella, CEO at Things Mobile. “Since most devices exchange very few kilobytes, our rate guarantees very low connection costs and no management fees for devices.

“For quite a while I had been receiving requests from our customers to develop a SIM card to connect IoT devices in a more effective and affordable manner,” Zanella is after all a man of the people.

“Building on our decade-long experience in the TLC market, after connecting hundreds of thousands of people all over the world with Zeromobile and ChatSim, our target now is to connect millions of IoT devices all over the world thanks to Things Mobile, with an unbelievable permanent roaming rate!”

We’re wondering when Rodney is going to turn up with ‘Peckham Spring Water’. That said, there probably is a hipster market for that…

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