Red Hat buys its developers a present in the form of Codenvy

Open source enterprise software vendor Red Hat has announced its first acquisition for a year in the form of cloud development startup Codenvy.

Red Hat’s whole business model hinges on further developing open source software – principally Linux and its offshoots – to make it ‘enterprise grade’, i.e. finished products for a range of enterprise needs. Its fastest-growing vertical these days is telecoms and Red Hat seems strongly positioned to assist the industry with its torturous transition to virtualization.

Codenvy is a ‘provider of cloud-native development tools that enable developers to more easily create modern container-based and cloud-native applications,’ according to the announcement. Essentially is seems to make it easier to develop cloud-native software, something the telecoms industry is currently in the process of proving the difficulty of.

Containers, very much a contemporary software buzzword, seem to be at the core of Codenvy’s appeal to Red Hat. “Our container-based approach to development aligns with Red Hat’s focus on improving security features, reliability and performance in its container offerings,” said Tyler Jewell, founder and CEO of Codenvy. “Joining Red Hat opens up opportunities to expand our reach among developers, giving them modern tools to build containerized apps from within their Web browser.”

You can get a deeper dive into the rationale behind this acquisition, including the significance of things like Eclipse Che and, in this Red Hat blog post.

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