Viavi launches RF monitoring tool for heterogeneous networks

Testing and measurement outfit Viavi has unveiled a new bit of kit that is reckons is ideal for monitoring radio frequencies in heterogeneous networks.

It’s called CPRIAdvisor, (common public radio interface) and is designed to monitor and troubleshoot RF conditions for any cell site with fibre fronthaul, which can include C-RAN, DAS or macro cells with a small number of fronthaul fibre links.

“Mobile service providers are facing ever increasing, ever complex challenges trying to assure quality of experience while keeping an eye on cost containment and workforce efficiency,” said Kevin Oliver, GM of Converged Instruments and Virtual Test at Viavi. “In order to address this, and support their diversifying RAN with a single solution, Viavi has partnered with Tier-1 mobile service providers worldwide to develop CPRIAdvisor.”

“As service providers diversify their access networks to expand capacity and accommodate new services like IoT, they need scalable and flexible methods to monitor performance,” pitched in Jessy Cavazos, Industry Director of Test & Measurement for Frost & Sullivan. “The ability to use RF over CPRI technology to monitor and troubleshoot the network, while increasing spectral efficiency with a C-RAN architecture, helps mobile operators keep costs in check and preserve QoE.”

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