BT looks to up its network security game

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BT has launched a new network security service catchily named BT Managed Endpoint Access Security that focuses on device monitoring.

The service has been developed in partnership with IoT security specialist ForeScout Technologies, which provided the technology to enable real-time monitoring of devices connected to the corporate network. This apparently includes private devices and, of course, IoT ones.

David Stark, vice president, Security portfolio at BT, said: “By bringing ForeScout’s technology into our portfolio, we extend our ability to protect organisations against the latest threats through improved visibility and control,” said David Stark, VP of the security portfolio at BT. “Whether it’s protecting a head office or a branch site, adding the ability to monitor just about any device connected to the network offers a much required additional layer of security to companies moving into the digital world.”

“With more devices connecting to enterprise networks than ever before, the attack surface is expanding exponentially,” said Todd DeBell, VP of Global Channels at ForeScout. “Staying ahead of the game is an ongoing effort for any organisation. ForeScout’s relationship with BT will bring additional reassurance to CIOs and CISOs looking for improved security and better orchestration, while allowing us to tap into BT’s extensive global reach.”

The combined effects of high-profile cyber security incidents and the recent physical attacks in the UK have made security an even higher-profile issue than ever. On the network side a tricky balance will need to be struck between the desire to monitor communications and the need to protect them from malevolent interference.

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