Ericsson gets green light for connected car initiative

An Ericsson-led consortium has reason to celebrate European Union backing to develop 5G architecture for the connected car.

The ‘5GCAR project’ will receive the EU funding as part of phase 2 of the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership. A total of 21 projects have been retained out of 101 as part of the second phase, with €154 million to be split between the various initiatives.

“The European funding granted to our 5GCAR project is a major step, as it will allow our initiative to further develop in order to meet the market needs by 2020,” said Franck Bouetard, Head of Ericsson France. “Having such projects in Europe is key in this worldwide race, as it will secure additional business and employment in the continent in the future.”

The 5GCAR project will run for two years, from June 2017 to May 2019, and will employ around 30 full-time researchers with an €8 million budget. Current members include Bosch, King’s College London, Nokia, Orange, PSA Group, Huawei and Volvo. Objectives for the group include:

  • Develop an overall 5G system architecture providing optimized end-to-end V2X network connectivity for highly reliable and low-latency V2X services
  • Interworking of multi-RATs that allows embedding existing communication solutions and novel 5G V2X solutions
  • Develop an efficient, secure and scalable side link interface for low-latency, high-reliability V2X communications
  • Propose 5G radio-assisted positioning techniques for both vulnerable road users and vehicles to increase the availability of very accurate localization
  • Identify business models and spectrum usage alternatives that support a wide range of 5G V2X services
  • Demonstrate and validate the developed concepts and evaluate the quantitative benefits of 5G V2X solutions using automated driving scenarios in test sites

€8 million isn’t much in the great scheme of things but at least it’s something, and judging from the recent moan by a bunch of European telecoms associations they were lucky to get that.

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