Huawei reckons it has overtaken Apple as no 2 smartphone vendor

A Huawei exec has claimed that the company sold more smartphones than Apple last December, thus overtaking it to the global number two spot.

In a report from the Indian press agency PTI Huawei India Director for Product Centre Allen Wang said ““Huawei overtook Apple in global sales volume share in December.” He also reckons the margin was considerable, with Huawei claiming a 13.2% share, compared to Apple’s 12%. If accurate this is also significant because December is usually one of Apple’s strongest moths for iPhone sales.

Our quarterly numbers for the global smartphone market, which are derived from a combination of publicly revealed numbers and those shared by market research firms, call this claim into question, however. The Q4 2016 numbers gave Apple a global smartphone share of 17.8% compared to Huawei’s 10.2%, so it seems improbable that Huawei would have done so comparatively well in December, and there is nothing in the Q1 2017 numbers to indicate growing Huawei momentum.

Meanwhile here in the UK Huawei’s smartphone legal issues still haven’t gone away. In April Huawei lost a licensing court case against Unwired Planet that required it to cough up some smartphone royalties or face a UK injunction on the sale of its devices. At the time Huawei insisted that was actually a good result for it thanks to the level of the award, but it looks like it still hasn’t handed over any cash.

The Telegraph reports that the UK court has tired of waiting and refreshed the injunction threat, effectively telling Huawei to get a move on. Once more it’s unlikely that Huawei would let things get to the point when it couldn’t flog its smartphones over here but it might now be inclined to just give Unwired Planet its royalties and move on.

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