Infographic: Who are the MNO market share leaders in Europe?

With the assistance of Ovum and the data from its World Cellular Information Service, we bring you a new infographic outlining the market share leaders in the European mobile markets.

While a number of the markets play out as you would expect, there were a few surprises thrown in there. Spain and Germany are obvious examples, but then so is the Belgian market; in short, you no longer have to be the domestic champion to take control of a market.

There are a possible couple of explanations, for example, T-Mobile would have been the dominant player in the German market prior to Telefonica’s acquisition of E-Plus, but maybe these companies have just done a good job of internationalizing the brand. After years of international expansion, perhaps the idea of national preference is lost in the telco space and people will just go for the best deal around?

As always, if you have some interesting or surprising statistics which you think would make a useful infographic, feel free to email them to [email protected].

Ovum Market Share Infographic

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