Telefónica Spain raises the convergence stakes

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Telefónica has expanded its presence in the Spanish convergence game with a couple of new offerings which incorporate its original content productions.

Movistar Fusion # 0 and Movistar Fusion Series will now be available to all fixed broadband customers, coinciding with the second anniversary of the creation of Movistar +. While it seems like a perfectly sensible move to make, a couple of people around the industry might start to ask what took the Spanish incumbent so long?

“Two years ago when we acquired Canal + we set ourselves the goal of being the benchmark TV brand and guaranteeing the best connectivity inside and outside the home,” said Telefónica España President Luis Miguel Gilpérez.

“This promise has made us leaders in this market, and today we take the definitive step. All our customers will enjoy the best TV experience of this country. We have gone from being a telco to being the audiovisual entertainment platform of our clients.”

Although Telefónica is not exactly alone, it is a telco which has lived through its share of tough times in recent years. Although details have never been confirmed, the telco is supposedly sitting on a mountain of debt, struggling to adjust to the new digital era.

Which leads us back to the original question; why has it taken so long for Telefónica to make a splash such as this in the convergence world. Orange has been pushing it content studio for a long-time and even found time to start a bank. EE has been living off the reputation of past-it celebrities to push its content offerings. If Telefónica created this idea two years ago, what has the hold-up been? Perhaps now we are getting some insight into why the telco has been struggling.

Movistar Fusion # 0 is the first offering either 50 Mbps or 300 Mbps broadband (depending on what is available at a customer’s location), two mobile lines, one with 2 GB of data and 200 minutes and the other with 200 MB of data and calls at 0 cents per minute, a fixed line and a mountain of content. Movistar Fusion Series is similar, but beefed up a bit on the content side of things.

It sounds like a good offer, and one which will likely capture the attention of Spanish customers, but we can’t figure out why it has taken so long.

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