Google Fiber loses yet another CEO – connectivity ambitions questionable

The CEO of Access, the part of Alphabet that contains Google Fiber, has reportedly stepped down after just five months at the helm.

Gregory McCray replaced Craig Barratt, who stepped down after Google significantly watered down its fibre ambitions in October of last year. He presumably, therefore, accepted the gig with his eyes open, so it would be surprising if his departure was the result of a flounce related to Google’s apparent ambivalence about the connectivity game.

A possible alternative is suggested in the Bloomberg report announcing his departure. Apparently he has managed to put his foot in his mouth a few times, resulting in being grassed-up to Alphabet HR. With Silicon Valley in the middle of a period of self-flagellation regarding sexual politics Alphabet may have had a closer look at McCray’s track record regarding potentially contentious comments and decided to play safe.

Whatever the reasons for McCray’s departure this can only further damage Google’s once rampant connectivity plans. A year ago the fibre rhetoric was dialled down in favour of fixed wireless and there have been a sequence of further climb-downs since then. Google is not afraid to fail fast, but rather than announce failures it tends to just sweep them under the carpet. Right now it’s hard not to assume Google Fiber has suffered just that fate.

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