Behold the saviour of broadband – the Post Office

We’re hoping the Post Office has figured out that broadband has to be a bit quicker than mail otherwise there are going to be a lot of disappointed customers out there.

In a country which has been blighted by creative advertising claims for broadband speeds, some might have hoped for a new entrant to the market to shake up the status quo and get things moving in the right direction. T-Mobile is causing chaos on the mobile side of things in the US, why shouldn’t the same happen in the UK. And we get the Post Office.

Today’s announcement will see the completion of the Post Office’s acquisition of Fuel Broadband and the welcoming of 60,000 customers. Customers will now be able to benefit from ADSL broadband (up to 17 Mbps), unlimited fibre broadband (up to 38 Mbps or 76 Mbps) and voice only home phone. Shut the front door.

“We are delighted to welcome more than 60,000 new customers to the Post Office, where they can now benefit from our great service at a highly competitive prices,” said Meredith Sharples, Director of Telecoms at Post Office. “The acquisition demonstrates our commitment to further growth in the telecoms business.

“With our unique insight and understanding of UK consumers, we have been able to build a strong and relevant telecoms offer; including high speed unlimited fibre products offering speeds of up to 76 Mbps and voice only home phone all at great prices..

“Using the trusted Post Office brand as a strong foundation, we look forward to fulfilling our growth strategy and seeing our telecoms business go from strength to strength in the years to come.”

The Post Office Telecom business now has over 460,000 customers, and claims to be the fastest growing reseller in the UK. For those customers who are worried about the change, the Post Office points outs that it will be using the same provider so there should not be any disruptions, in theory. Just be wary about customer service agents ‘going broadbandal’, whipping people all over Yorkshire with fibre cables

If this wasn’t exciting enough, wait until London Zoo opens up its exotic meat counter down in Borough Market.

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