Ericsson gets Zain Kuwait digital transformation gig

Zain Kuwait is conducting a major digital transformation project for the utilities sector and has asked Ericsson to join the party.

The project will focus on bringing utilities such as electricity and water into the 21st century via things like enterprise and cloud billing and smart meters. These will supposedly enable more efficient and accurate billing and distribution as well as greater end-user engagement.

Ericsson is the sole technology partner and as such will install around 800,000 smart meters as well as its Multiservice Delivery Platform, which is designed to digitize consumer channels and offer user-friendly services such as self-service portals.

“We have worked closely together with Zain Kuwait from the start of this digital transformation initiative, and we have made a long-term commitment to enable new revenue streams,” said Wojciech Bajda, Head of Customer Unit Zain at Ericsson. “We really look forward to being part of this project and to help develop the smart city infrastructure.”

This seems to be a pretty major project as it’s not expected to be completed by 2014. There’s a distinctly IoT-ish element to it and that tech trend is expected to evolve significantly over the duration of the project so maybe Ericsson will be able to shoe-horn some extra connectivity goodies later on.

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