Comcast’s Verizon MVNO goes live

US cable and content giant Comcast is having a go at mobile via a new MVNO running on the Verizon 4G network as well as a bunch of wifi hotspots.

It’s called Xfinity Mobile, in line with its cable brand, and is available only to existing Comcast customers and it looks like it only runs on devices also purchased from Comcast. On the flip side it claims to save subscribers 30 percent compared to unspecified ‘other providers’.

“We created a unique mobile experience that’s simple and saves customers money by connecting to our nationwide wifi network, and allows them to only pay for the data they use,” said Greg Butz, president of Xfinity Mobile. “Now that we’re available across all of our distribution platforms, including our retail locations in all of our markets, we look forward to introducing even more customers to Xfinity Mobile.”

Comcast seems to think suggesting people use wifi to save on their mobile data bills is some kind of big innovation. To be fair it does offer 18 million hotspots nationwide, but it’s still hard to see how suggesting people do something they’re already doing is any kind of differentiator. Especially since one of the two tariff options on offer is unlimited anyway.

Here’s a vid in case you’re not already pumped enough.

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