Huawei and Smart Axiata find themselves and 4.5G in Cambodia

Huawei and Smart Axiata have jointly announced the launch of a 4.5G mobile connectivity service in Cambodia.

Huawei claims the new service will enable subscribers to experience 10 times faster average mobile internet speeds than normal 4G, though whether this is a realistic ambition remains to be seen. ‘Enable’ could be seen in the same bracket as the ‘up to’ condition, representing a perfect scenario, though it shouldn’t take away from the fact that this is certainly a positive step forward in a developing market.

“I’m very pleased that together with Smart, we are able to build a better connected Cambodia through accelerating the mobile broadband development,” said Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia, Dr Margaret Hu.

“With increasing demand for personalized and diversified services, emerging markets represent tremendous new opportunities for the telecom operators. Huawei is committed to supporting operators seize new opportunities by driving sustainable development in emerging markets.”

While the ability for those ‘finding themselves’ to experience the spectacular temples in the ruins of Angkor, while simultaneously Snapchatting friends back in the UK (YOLO), could be a focal point of the PR campaign, it offers some interesting possibilities for mobile operator Smart Axiata. Wireless home broadband (also known as WTTx), HD video and IoT services are three areas which have been highlighted, but it certainly opens the door for a more expansive digital economy.

But let’s not forget about those cat-yearning backpackers. After all, you can only look at temples for so long before chasing likes on Facebook and Instagram by posting a picture of a yoga pose in front of a site of historical beauty.

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