Three launches 100 GB a month contract – yup

Three has launched a new deal which quite frankly seems ridiculous. 100 GB of data in a SIM-only contract for £25 a month.

That’s right. It’s not a typo, it literally is 100 GB of data. If there are people out there who can consume that much data inside a single month, I won’t be impressed, I will be slightly disgusted. Below is a short list of things you can do with 100 GB of data:

  • Watch Sir Tom Jones bangers on YouTube in 1080p resolution for 50 hours
  • 140 hours of jealously looking at other people’s holidays on Instagram
  • Read pointless commentary and watch videos on Facebook for 500 hours
  • Listen to Sir Tom Jones bangers for 500 hours
  • 1700 hours’ worth of online surfing
  • Binge watch QI on Netflix for 100 hours

Considering there are only 744 hours in a 31-day month, using up all this data would appear to be quite a challenge. Three has stated it is chasing new demographics in a bid to boost market share, but we’re not too sure who this deal is aimed at, so we built another list. Across the course of a month, a typical person might:

  • Sleep for 8 hours a day, which is 248 hours across the month
  • Work 9-5.30, which is roughly 170 hours
  • Commute to and from work, which adds on another 20-odd hours a month (and we’re being very generous there)
  • Let’s say spends 20 minutes on the toilet a day, so that’s 8 hours
  • And 10 minutes in the shower, about 4 hours
  • Spend roughly an hour eating, another 31 hours
  • On average, maybe 30 minutes of chores, so that 12 hours a month
  • 20 minutes of exercise a day (averaged out of course), 8 hours

Some might assume with this new deal Three is essentially targeting someone who does not sleep, eat, work, wash, go to the toilet, eat, talk to anyone else, exercise or go into any connectivity not spots. We assuming this will be a pretty small target audience, but each to their own…

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  1. Avatar Gareth Evans 24/08/2017 @ 1:24 pm

    There are only 31 million in work in the UK the other 34 million residents (the children, the idle, the unemployed, the pensioners, the carers) need the 100 gig data to escape the monotony of day time TV. utubeing to the max while facebooking.

  2. Avatar N McQ 24/08/2017 @ 4:52 pm

    As a single user on mobile, 100GB is well above the highest users worldwide, mobile customers of DNA in Finland who average 15GB per month at present. However, for the increasing number of people who don’t have a fixed broadband link, and use the mobile as a hotspot, I can envision this being an interesting proposition.

    With fixed broadband users using hundreds of GB’s per month, this mobile plan is getting closer and closer to a complete replacement for your fixed broadband solution. So long as you’ve good enough signal in your home of course to use up all that allowance 🙂

    • Avatar Jay Koerner 25/08/2017 @ 11:51 am

      As an American with nothing to gain from this plan I will say I use an avg of 800-1000GBs a month (with one month using 1.7TBs) on my cellular plan. Granted I’m using it as a hotspot, but the phone only data alone avgs around 300-400Gbs with the vast majority being 1-200gbs of YouTube and a good 100 more of Netflix and 20 odd GBs of Google play music (possible when you set it to only play lossless flac) Even as only a cellphone plan it’s inadequate for my use, but I understand im a top 0.000001% user and then plan seems like a good deal for most people

  3. Avatar Simple 25/08/2017 @ 1:24 pm

    Surely if someone does use 100GB this will be loss making for Three – £25 per month will not cover the costs of the data??

    • Avatar Jay Koerner 26/08/2017 @ 7:03 am

      Na, I would think data’s fairly cheap,(it can’t cost them anymore then it does your home ISP), there major expense would be power and even that’s certainly not too high(per user)

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