BT dumbs down digital transformation

BT Global Services has unveiled its new Business Platform-as-a-Service, which it has given the catchy name of Personalised Compute Management System, or PCMS for the time oppressed.

It’s essentially a ‘digital for dummies’ guide, which allows some of the more traditional organizations who are being impacted by the digital challengers to keep pace. It’s being billed as the very glamourous and mysterious ‘platform enabling platform’, which BT claims can help the digitalisation of products and services for your customers and employees.

It appears to be a ‘digital in a box’ proposition for those who haven’t nailed it yet. Right now, there are 45 fully digitalised business support processes, such as product management, customer management, user authentication, order management, service management and billing and collections.

“PCMS brings to life a vision of how businesses can innovate in the digital economy,” said Neil Lock, VP of Compute, BT Global Services. “It is a ready-made platform that allows new ways for companies to digitalise, manage and build profitable business models from their own vibrant ecosystem of consumers, producers and innovators.

“By building on a proven platform, businesses can confidently bring their digital services to market within shorter timescales and concentrate time and resources on innovation and development. It’s a great example of how BT’s Cloud of Clouds portfolio strategy empowers customers to create new business relationships.”

The statement and the homepage of the offering has been through several rounds of buzzword bingo, but it’s not actually a bad idea. There will be an uncountable number of businesses who are suffering at the hands of the digital revolution, who either don’t have the in-house capabilities or the self-awareness to enforce change and remain competitive. This way someone else can do it.

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