EE unveils Cat 7 LTE router for people with rubbish broadband

UK operator EE has launched a souped-up mifi device called the 4GEE Home Router that’s aimed at people whose broadband sucks.

It will presumably be able to target the marketing for this device very accurately by simply asking parent company BT to reveal where’s it’s most rubbish and helicoptering crack salespeople in to every neglected hamlet. Having said that, since the remotest areas are often where the mobile coverage also leaves a lot to be desired, such commercial opportunities may be few and far between.

“Our new 4GEE Home Router provides customers with a great alternative to fixed-line broadband using the UK’s fastest and most reliable mobile network,” effused Max Taylor, MD of Marketing at EE. “It’s simple to set up and use straight out of the box, so it’s ideal for customers with slower fixed line speed or people who regularly move house and need instant wifi connectivity.”

The Cat 7 LTE-enabled device can apparently connect 32 devices at ‘up to’ 90 Mbps and can also function as a general-purpose mifi device when you’re on the move. EE says it currently has 83% UK geographic coverage and still hopes to improve that to 95% by 2020 as it continues to use its 800 MHz spectrum for the UK’s backwaters.

The pricing might be a bit rich for rural blood however. You can either sign up for an 18-month contract and monthly tariffs ranging from £25/10GB to £100/200GB. Then again you could just buy the device + 10GB outright for £130 and get a £20/10GB rolling monthly deal. Either way it’s an expensive alternative to broadband.

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  1. Avatar Kenneth TAYLOR 29/05/2018 @ 8:08 pm

    Max is clearly full of BS. I have one of these and they don’t work on the 800MHz spectrum ! Neither does its’ little brother, the 4GEE mini. EE haven’t a clue how to fix this issue. The only solution at the moment is to use a spare android mobile phone with the data sim in in it and create a personal hotspot

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