Kit vendor ZTE wants to help communications solution providers get better at artificial intelligence with a new unified AI platform.

The company hasn’t yet offered much detail on the substance of this platform and hasn’t even provided a canned quote, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We do know that ZTE thinks CSPs could do with its help in getting up to speed on AI. This, we’re told, will enable them to automate all sorts of things such as networks, customer service and back-office stuff.

Among the utopian use-cases enabled by ZTE’s AI platform could be things like video services utilising natural language processing and facial recognition. Behind the scenes algorithms of unprecedented complexity will nip network operations and maintenance issues in the bud as well as all manner of other SON goodness.

The ZTE release was long on extolling the benefits of AI to CSPs but short on details of the substance, cost and availability of the platform. There seems to be a great opportunity to use all this computing cleverness to write press releases in future. Watch this space.

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