Nokia spreads its IoT WINGs

Nokia is expanding its IoT armoury with service offerings to help mobile operators enter new IoT market segments or expand their footprint geographically.

The WING market entry services is a managed services model which can provide provisioning, device management, operations, security, customer care and billing for all connected applications. Imagine a IoT starter kit for dummies; click here and you’re rolling.

The WING (worldwide IoT network grid) initiative is essentially Nokia’s attempt at creating a multi-national IoT network, which it launched at Mobile World Congress this year. This will be one of the most immediate problems faced by multi-national businesses wanted to take advantage of the IoT euphoria; there aren’t any borderless networks. Nokia can in theory remove this issue by creating a federation of operators.

“IoT deployments are complex, but with our help operators will be able to fast-track their entry into the market as we provide them not only with a ready-to-go-market and business model, but also with a pre-integrated IoT infrastructure, complete service model and go-to-market support services,” said Friedrich Trawoeger, Head of Managed Services at Nokia.

“With our testing services we can ensure smooth launches for our customers, which are critical to maintaining great experience for their customers.”

Alongside the IoT starter kit, Nokia is also building its footprint in the multivendor testing arena with the launch of TestHub. It essentially allows operators to test solutions and devices extensively across domains and technologies before roll-out. It’s not a particularly complicated idea, but it’s a service which operators will need.

As part of the TestHub, customers will also have access to ‘Lab-as-a-Service’, which essentially means testing ideas out on more advanced infrastructure, the stuff which hasn’t been rolled out onto commercial networks because it is too expensive, or operators are too cheap. Choose whichever one floats your boat.

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