Orange launches off-the-shelf IoT module scheme

A new programme from operator Orange combines embedded SIMs with prepaid connectivity in an attempt to lower the bar to entry for IoT.

It’s called ‘Live Booster’ for reasons possibly lost in translation. The idea is to offer IoT connectivity modules that you can whack straight into the field without any further mucking about thanks to the embedded SIM with a bundle of data paid for up-front.

The first such modules will be made available later this year via distributor EBV Elektronik but will only be using boring old 2G for their connectivity. Orange does promise, however, that LTE-M versions are not far behind. Perhaps feeling Live Booster was too understated, EBV Elektronik has decided to call its modules ‘Heracles’.

“Orange recognises the multiple obstacles that object manufacturers face today to get their products to market,” said Yves Maitre, EV of Connected Objects and Partnerships at Orange. “As a long-standing champion of cellular connectivity in the IoT market we are driven to break-down these barriers. By embedding cellular connectivity from the outset and making the pricing simple and attractive we hope to deliver a much-needed boost to the market.

“The combination of the best-in-class hardware module with Orange’s very innovative IoT connectivity solution will enable our customers to bring their products much faster to market,” said Dr. Eckart Voskamp, Director of Product Innovations at EBV Elektronik. “With the certified and pre-paid Heracles module, the manufacturers can focus on their applications and don’t have to deal with any connectivity setup.”

Overblown nomenclature aside this does seem to address a likely pain-point in the IoT market. The less hassle associated with joining the IoT party, the more companies are likely to give it a go and the more potentially positive case-studies there will be.

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