Infographic: What Brits think of the smart home

The smart home is proving to be one of the most hotly contested areas of the burgeoning technology industry, but how do we actually feel about the idea of a connected home.

One thing we can guarantee is the tide is turning one way, and there’s no going back now. Even if you resist the most obvious technologies in the connected society, just by using a smartphone you are already contributing to it. Whether it is Facebook or Google Maps or Clash of Clans, you have already aided the data economy.

“Smart technology promises to transform our homes by enhancing security, improving energy efficiency and generally making our domestic lives smoother and more efficient,” said MoneySuperMarket’s Dan Plant. “However, many people are understandably anxious that the benefits will be countered by threats, such as hacking and loss of privacy.”

Turns out this is a massive concern of the Brits. 76% are fearful about the concept of the smart home, but it hasn’t stopped the wave growing. Perhaps it is a bit of a compromise. Yes, there are risks, but the benefits seems to outweigh the fears. Whether it is the lazy side of us who are keen for a robot dog walker, or the cash conservationist who is looking for cheaper insurance premiums, there is an argument to twist our arm.

“It’s up to the makers of smart devices and applications to reassure consumers that they are not putting themselves at risk,” said Plant. “And it’s also vital that any cost savings that flow from adopting connected technology, such as reduced pay-outs for burglary claims, are passed on to customers in the form of lower home insurance premiums.”

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