Nokia makes lots of announcements, again

Nokia’s PR team is being kept on its toes this week with a flood of announcements that defy journalists’ best efforts to form a coherent narrative from them.

The most recent is a strategic partnership with Bosch to produce industrial IoT solutions. As you would expect Nokia brings connectivity and the cloud platform to the mix, while Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions will provide smart connected sensor devices. Initial work will focus on asset tracking, predictive maintenance and environmental monitoring.

“Bosch is the world’s leading smart sensor manufacturer, and we are delighted to have reached a strategic agreement with them,” said Laurent Le Gourierrec, head of strategic partnerships at Nokia. “This combination of devices, connectivity and services from two worldwide leaders will allow for the rapid deployment of large-scale, innovative IoT applications.”

Earlier Nokia launched Predictive Care for its Fixed Networks portfolio. This seems to be related to the Analytics Services Nokia told us about a couple of weeks ago, but applied specifically to fixed line. Basically Nokia is using AI and other cutting edge cleverness to improve network maintenance.

“Predictive Care is even bound to grow in importance, as networks evolve to more virtualization, and open interfaces and data models will provide more insight on diagnostics data more easily, across systems and networks, which will further improve the accuracy of predictive analytics,” said Federico Guillén, President of Nokia’s Fixed Networks Business Group.

Other announcements cluttering the Nokia press page this week include an MoU signed with the Japanese city of Sendai, which will result in Nokia being a long-term strategic partner to the city, providing it with the latest tech to help it recover from the natural disasters it was subjected to in 2011. Nokia has also launched some new FTTx solutions, which seem nice.

Nokia seems to be having one of its announcement frenzies this month, having had a fairly busy time of it last week too. These big vendors have a lot of business units all clamouring for their 15 seconds of fame, but the result can come over as a bit spammy when you’re on the receiving end. But having said that, Nokia is doing a good job of seeming nice and busy, which can’t be a bad thing.

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